2019 accreditation

Please ensure that ALL PLAYERS have either their status or metis cards on them at all times. Letters from INAC or DISC or the Metis Federation of Ontario or Manitoba stating that the cards are in process will not suffice.

Please note that expired cards are acceptable as long as the number and picture is still visible.

Players are expected to check in at the accreditation desk in the lobby at either rink. Failure to do so may result in player ejection or¬†game¬†forfeit. It is the players responsibility to check in, not the accreditation officer’s responsibility to track players down. If the player fails to check in, they are not eligible to play that game.

If you have a question about this rule, please click on the “contact” tab and ask your question. Questions submitted after 4pm on April 16, 2019 will not be replied to.